Receivership Services

AMREX is a professional Court Appointed Receivership Company and Trustee primarily providing services for Lenders, Private Equity Firms and Loan Servicing Companies. We act as Asset Managers, Liquidators, Real Estate Brokers, Property Managers, Leasing Agents, and more. We specialize in Asset Recovery and Repossession of commercial properties. We are a Veteran-owned business and have been assigned Receiverships in over 40 states. We have been acting as Court Appointed Receivers for over 30 years.

We have had properties under Receivership from coast to coast. Our goal is to secure, preserve and maximize the value of the asset for the benefit of creditors and principals. We are a “One Stop Shop”, providing expertise in the implementation of Receivership Law, business analysis, property management, security, renovation, environmental compliance, liquidation of assets, real estate sales and more.

  1. Property and Business Analysis:  An accurate analysis of business operations is essential for determining the ability of the product, service or facility to compete in the market place. Once we perform our due diligence, we will make recommendations on the best options for the asset.
  2. Property Inspection:  Most loan documents include a provision for the note holder to perform inspections on the property. Site visits can be used to confirm borrowers compliance with certain contract and mortgage conditions, among other things. We are available to perform these inspections for you. We will provide pictures and a report for your reference.
  3. Asset Recovery: We can typically arrive on site in 24-48 hours to repossess the asset. Prior to the takeover, we will perform as much due diligence on the property as possible, put together a team and determine the logistics for travel. Upon receipt of the assignment, we will move quickly to take possession, secure and/or operate the collateral asset for the principal.